Kinky Reverie - In Her Tent

2017-11-14 02:29:24 by barreytor

I've just released a new thing!


Which, actually, might be fairly surprising since I didn't say one bit about it before today, when I released it. Right?

You can go get it in its store page
Yeah, sorry about the lack of a demo, but I felt it didn't have enough content to actually have a demo that wasn't absolutely too short.

As for why did I keep silent about it? Well, As you might already know, I did talk a lot about a lot of things, show off plenty of projects. And they're still on the shelf. I decided that it would be better for everyone if I kept shut about anything I did until I released it, and that way either I got something done, or nobody would be left waiting for something that might not come.

I'm back!

2017-06-15 13:34:58 by barreytor

Started a new idea, a small RPG game with a bit of focus on combat and simplified map movement.

It's an idea currently, but one I am certain I can follow through and get to the end.

If you want to be first in line to hear about any progress I make, feel free to hop onto the Discord server I made for this purpose ( ) and check on the stuff and/or leave any feedback.

Why a Discord server? Because it'll still let me say whatever tiny thing I make progress on without having a ton of largely useless posts. Also hopefully getting feedback in a quicker way.

This hold-the-line defense game with plenty of sprite sex is now available on, and you can try the demo there too!